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First Relax is Coventry's leading provider of holistic therapies, beauty therapies and Thai spa treatment.

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Our therapies include traditional Thai massage, traditional Thai foot massage, (Traditional Thai Karsai Detox) Indian head massage, full body Swedish massage, Hopi ear candles, and much more.

Chi Nei Tsang (Colon Massage)

We recommended for a whole body detox that you will need this every year, between 6-12 months treatment, depending on your lifestyle. Perfectly 5 days course of treatment. We give special discounts and we would like to help clients who suffers from all the problems we have mentioned on this.

Treatment Duration Price
Chi Nei Tsang (Colon Massage) 60 mins £60.00
Chi Nei Tsang (Colon Massage) 5 Day Course
of 60 mins each day in roll

Special tips to relieve the following symptoms:

  • bloating
  • gastric
  • cramps
  • urinary problems
  • cramps
  • IBS
  • indigestion

  1. Place 4 inches of cinnamon bark into a 1 pint tea cup
  2. Poor boiling water into the tea cup and leave it until the water turns to the red colour
  3. Drink it straight away (do not add sugar or milk) 
  4. Drink it as often as you drink normal water
Later you will find yourself feeling much better and with a very happy stomach.
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