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Chi Nei Tsang is a form of applied massage of the stomach and abdomen designed to restore a natural balance to the organs by training them to operate more efficiently.

Chi Nei Tsang can have a beneficial effect on a multiplicity of bodily functions and conditions. Whilst the massage is focused on the area immediately surrounding the stomach and lower abdomen, the beneficial effect may be upon a variety of other organs within the body.

The effect may be compared with an overall detoxification of many of the functions performed by some of the vital organs and may assist with the removal of abdomen pains, improvements to digestion and regular elimination of waste products, in making breathing easier and more effect.

At the conclusion of a treatment the body should be experience an improved overall sensation. Whilst the method of massage is generally manipulative across the abdomen and will include the application of warm Aromatic oil, to the abdomen as a precursor to massage, the method will involve some intense localised pressure being placed upon the navel area.

For that reason it is essential that the stomach should be please make sure you stomach is empty as possible, and it is recommended that food should not be taken for at least 8 hours before a treatment session in order to allow the contents of the stomach to be fully digested.

I recommended client who need this treatment should be up to five treatment sessions spread over a relatively short period of time. Ideally, the treatment should be carried out on successive days. The beneficial effects from one course of treatment are likely to be fault for many months.

Chi Nei Tsang Massage is a powerful form of healing. The condition of the stomach and the internal organs may often be the source of many ailments. Chi Nei Tsang most comprehensive approach to energising, strengthening, and detoxifying the internal system. It cleans out negative influences and is particularly useful in relieving intestinal suffering from:

It also helps to achieve the following benefits:


Before Treatment:

  1. Do not shave or Wax your stomach before you come for this treatment. This can cause a rash on your stomach area. If you are planning on shaving or waxing your stomach area, you must at least 7 days before you have this treatment (for your own safety).
  2. For you own personal hygiene please make sure you have a shower or a bath before you have stomach treatment (especially your belly button). This will prevent an unfriendly smell while I give the treatment.

Side effects after the treatment:

  • Client will feel thirsty during and after the treatment.
  • Client will feel sleepy during the treatment.

After the treatment

  • We recommend drinking plenty of water.
  • Do not take any drugs or alcohol.
  • Cut down on fatty and spicey food.
  • Have plenty of rest.

Please note: This treatment not under take Client who suffering from:

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